Ever notice how more and more businesses rely on automated customer service systems to take their calls?  It’s either that or you get an answering machine and are asked to leave a message and the company will get back to you when they can.  Why would a company advertise their services and not answer the phone or not call the customer back. Does anybody take pride in customer service anymore? All businesses start somewhere and it always starts with customer service.  In order to have great customer service, you have to answer the phone!!

Many successful companies are known for their excellent customer service.  More times than not, when a customer calls a business and receives an answering machine, they’ll hang up and call the next company and the next until they get a human on the phone. Usually the company who answers the phone will be the first choice for the job.  People want to talk to people, not machines.

When a customer calls you with a leak, they don’t know the first thing about it and they usually think the worst.  They’re already spending money due to excessive water loss and they’re relying on you to answer the phone and help them locate the leak.  the only way to do this is by making an appointment.  Answering machines can’t make appointments.

Answering machines aren’t a bad thing either because every business needs some type of answering system to take messages when outside of normal business hours.  What  about making specific time(s) of the day when your office will be available to take incoming calls?  Every customer that calls your company needs to feel that they are number one and they deserve your undivided attention.  When an answering machine is handling the phone calls for your customer service, the customer won’t feel too comfortable.  To the customer calling, their situation is the most important thing to them.  The customer isn’t calling you because they have nothing better to do, they need your services.  Your company didn’t achieve the level of success it currently has by casually answering the phone, so why let an unfeeling, cold and heartless answering machine or automated service take your calls?