We love to hear stories from our trainees about their success with LeakTronics from our trainees as they grow their business with Leak Detection. Mitchell Fox of Global Pools wrote us to share his experiences since training in 2019 and launching a new career with swimming pool leak detection.

Unequivocally, Leaktronics, Darren Merlob, and his team have changed my life! I was working for a Company, cleaning top tier Commercial/Residential pools on Fort Lauderdale Beach. I like challenges, and not the same old thing day in and day out. Then I read about what Leaktronics had to offer with career training and business building.

There is no comparison whatsoever from reading what Leaktronics offers online and utilizing ALL the tools they provide you with to succeed. From the instructional in-class video modules, printable forms to use in your business, in-depth case studies and countless instructional videos at actual swimming pools depicting the methods to find a leak and repair it – you are literally being handed a career by LeakTronics! It’s up too you have far you want LeakTronics to take you.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Equipment

Darren Merlob in his online course is incredible. He continues to inspire me and is a force of nature. He is passionate about leak detection and is a trailblazer in the industry, telling you exactly what to do and what not to do in order to find real succeed. I had the privilege of being trained by Darren, on site in California and meeting the LeakTronics team. It was life changing!! The staff are always available to answer any questions you may have; they are true professionals.

Growing with the training and instruction from Leaktronics, I’ve continued on and obtained multiple Pool Contracting Licenses and Certifications. My website, globalpools.com offers a vast array of services we provide as a service business. The most important feature, of which features LeakTronics leak detection equipment, is where I offer a comprehensive explanation of how LeakTronics equipment functions.

Knowing how to use LeakTronics equipment, as well as some marketing and branding on social media, have been the keys to my success. LeakTronics marketing department is always there to provide sound advice on the best methods of gaining new clients and marketing my business. My Leak Detection and Leak Repair business has grown to where I’m performing leak detection and repairs on a full time basis. By performing the leak detections in-house, other members of my team service and repair both commercial and residential pools where we concert our leak detection work into quality repairs for our customers. As a company, we have grown exponentially, and continue to do so.

I can’t thank Leaktronics enough For changing my life!!

At LeakTronics, we deliver so much more than just the world’s most accurate and easy to use leak detection equipment. With more than 3 decades of professional service, founder and CEO Darren Merlob has developed leading instruction and online courses to prepare technicians and contractors for fast and effective work in the field.

Pool service and repair companies do not need to call another leak detection service provider to take care of their customers. Learn about success with LeakTronics and how to perform proper leak detections and offer those services to your clients. If they trust you to service their pool and make repairs, don’t let someone else handle their leak detections. Keep your leak detection work in-house and get paid with LeakTronics training and equipment.

Learn about online certified training and enroll here: ONLINE SWIMMING POOL LEAK DETECTION TRAINING

Complete training packages include the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit and free customer service t0 help keep you working. Learn more online or call LeakTronics at 818-436-2953.