Plumbers Complete Leak Detection Kit


  • The LT1000 Amplifier – The Patented leak detection amplifier, designed by LeakTronics to power all LeakTronics electrical components.
  • The Multi-Purpose Pipe Probe: For Listening under soil, aggregate and directly on pipes. The Pipe Probe is a rugged yet ergonomic tool designed to locate standard pressure or pressurized leaks in grass, rocks, or any type of porous material.  The Pipe Probe is a great tool for line location and above head systems and checking valves for leaks.
  • Listening Disc – The Listening Disc is the perfect tool for getting to hard to reach locations.  It’s soft sided disc allows listening through cabinets, drywall and other finished products without scratching or damaging them.  When combining the Listening Disc with the compression rig, pinpointing a leak is made simple.
  • Deck Plate – The LeakTronics Deck Plate with advanced noise filtering technology makes listening through concrete, brick, rock or any other solid surface simple. With a rugged and slimline design, either combining the deck plate with our pressure rig or just listening under normal pressure, pinpointing a leak through solid surfaces is simple. When combined with our pressure rig, the DeckPlate can listen through up to 6 feet of concrete and compacted soil.  The DeckPlate has a two year Limited Warranty.
  • Headphones – Classic over the ear headphones with volume control are provided with each kit.  Our headphones work in conjunction with the LT1000 to provide noise reduction to eliminate background noise as much as possible.
  • Carrying Case – A rugged carrying case with soft sided interior provides superior protection for all of your components.
  • Pressure Rig and Compression Plugs – The LeakTronics Pressure Rig is a tool used to pressure up a line using water, air or both.  Our unit is quite unique because it allows the mixture of both water and air to mix in its chamber.  By combining both water and air, the rig creates a distinctive boiling sound which can be heard by any of it’s components.  The Pressure Rig comes with an assortment of compression plugs to make pressure testing simple.  HVAC contractors like to use the pressure rig with air only which can be heard as a hissing sound at the source of the leak.  The compression rig can be used on PVC, Copper, PEX, Galvanized, Poly, or any type of old concrete or clay pipe.
  • Plumbers Kit Technical Manual (PDF)
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • Two Year Limited Warranty



When pipes leak, water rushes out at the point of the leak and into the surrounding area. The pressure of the water trying to leak out of the pipe causes vibrations at the point of the leak which are carried throughout the pipe and are heard with the components included in the Plumbers Kit. Leaking pipes also cause vibrations through the ground to the earth’s surface where they manifest themselves as ground noise.

Determining whether the noise you hear is the actual leak or background noise is made easier with the technology inside the Pipe Probe, Listening Disc and DeckPlate. All three components provide outstanding transference of sound which is relayed through the LT1000 Amplifier with metering technology to the headphones of the user.

Metal Pipes are a great transmitter of vibrating sounds over long distances through the ground. Pipes constructed of other material, such as PVC, Pex, etc., do not transmit vibration sounds as easily as metal pipes. The Pipe Probe is ideal for pre-locating leaks in metal and non metal pipes. Whether made of metal or other material, a long pipeline should be checked at regular intervals to enable the leak to be located.   The visual meter on the LT1000 Amplifier aids the user to obtain an accurate comparison of the noise intensities. While checking the pipe at regular intervals and listening with one of the components, if the noise gets louder and the needle on the LT1000 raises, you’re moving closer to the leak.

  • No relying on other contractors and waiting long periods of time
  • Add top money to your bottom line
  • Pinpoint leaks with incredible accuracy

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 10 in