Hands On Plumbing Leak Detection Course


LeakTronics One Day Plumbers Leak Detection Training Course

LeakTronics, the front-runner in the Swimming Pool, Plumbing, HVAC, and Irrigation industries, is currently providing a 1 day, hands-on plumbing leak detection training! We have put together a comprehensive program where you will work alongside the inventor of LeakTronics, Darren Merlob, while you master the art of locating leaks.

The LeakTronics system is both state of the art and user friendly; from our Plumber’s Kit and Hand Held Video Pro, to the FLASH Leak Locating System, you will become familiar with all of our equipment. If you are already “handy” you will catch on quick, but if you’re a novice our system is very beginner-friendly.

After years in the trenches, Darren Merlob is ready to teach and pave the way for the next generation of leak detection technicians. Upon completion of our training course, located in Southern California, you will be able to perform comprehensive leak detection inspections for your customers.

These skills will allow you to stand out above your competitors and earn top dollar while being successful in the leak detection industry.

This is not a franchise, so you are your own boss and will NOT be required to pay any fees to LeakTronics in the future. Your business can be operated as a home based business, and you only work the hours YOU set. You will also receive the best customer support in the industry, LeakTronics will always be there to answer your questions and provide knowledge for your tough jobs.

  • Equipment is included in the price of the 1 day course
  • Leak Detection Reporting App – First Year Free
  • On the job-site training will be provided
  • All equipment has a 2 year limited warranty
  • LeakTronics customers enjoy early notification when we come out with new products or upgrade existing products
  • Additional add-on components for our kits are available
  • Unlimited Technical Support at no additional charge
  • Company listing on our Leak Professional portion of the LeakTronics website

LeakTronics One Day Plumber’s Training Course ($4,900).
Call 818-436-2953 to schedule your training date.


Course Outline for Hands On Plumbing Leak Detection

  • Instruction on how to perform leak detection’s using the Plumbers Kit
  • Master the LT1000 Noise Reducing Amplifier to greatly reduce any background noise
  • Pressure testing lines
  • Pinpointing leaks under concrete (slabs, patios, decks, etc) using the DeckPlate while Pressure Testing
  • How to perform underground visual pipe inspections with the Hand Held Video Pro with dye injection
  • Precise locating of underground pipe leaks using the Patented FLASH Leak Location System
  • Locating leaks in soil and grassy areas with the Pipe Probe
  • How to check valves with the Multi Purpose Pipe Probe
  • Line locating, tracing and mapping
  • Leak detection methods that are proprietary to us

Included in your LeakTronics Plumbers Kit

    • LT1000 Amplifier – A leak detection amplifier that has been designed by LeakTronics to work with all LeakTronics components.
    • Pipe Probe (TM) – a rugged yet ergonomic tool designed to locate standard pressure or pressurized leaks in grass, rocks, or any type of porous material. The Pipe Probe is a great tool for line location and above head systems and checking valves for leaks.
    • The Listening Disc (TM) – a soft sided disc which allows listening through cabinets, drywall and other finished products without scratching or damaging them.
    • DeckPlate – The Improved LeakTronics Deck Plate (TM) with advanced noise filtering technology makes listening through concrete, brick, rock or any other solid surface simple.
    • Adjustable Volume Headphones.
    • Pressure Rig with air/water mixing chamber – By combining both water and air, the rig creates a distinctive boiling sound which can be heard by components in the Plumbers Kit. The compression rig can be used on PVC, Copper, PEX, Galvanized, Poly, or any type of old concrete or clay pipe.
    • An assortment of compression plugs to make pressure testing simple.

What We Provide with Plumbing Leak Detection Training

  • Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support.
  • Certified Leak Specialist logo for your website as well as a link exchange.
  • Photos for your website.

A Proven Method

Our patented LeakTronics equipment changed the leak detection industry. The industry has been riddled with antiquated equipment that lags in performance and just works poorly, costing homeowners and commercial businesses thousands in unnecessary repairs, high water bill payouts and wasted time. Some of those same tools, unfortunately, are still being sold online and in tool stores as modern methods of Leak Detection! It costs the technicians both time, and a lot of wasted money.

Worldwide, professional leak detection contractors trust LeakTronics equipment every day to run their business. Add to this, our proven methods of Leak Detection that come from years of practical experience, and you have guaranteed success in your business.

Business and Marketing

Aside from the leak detection training, you will learn business practices and marketing strategies to ensure that your business is set up for success! From sample invoices and call sheets, to web building and advertising, we’ll give you the tools to make your business complete!

We’ll also provide you with a company listing and a map location on our FIND A PRO page on our website to give you a big visibility boost. We also give a direct link from our website to yours, to boost your organic ranking on major search engines.

Please check our Leak Specialist Locator to see the expansive network of contractors receiving daily leads from Leaktronics. We provide you with leak detection content and information for your website, as well as product pictures.

Minimal licensing is needed to perform leak detections, check with your state on this.

Outstanding Technical Support

We’re in it for the long haul, and know that our trainee’s success depends on our support and guidance! When you’re in a pinch, we will always do our best to answer your calls and give you expert advice for the tough jobs that you may encounter. Our website is a hub for leak detection knowledge, informative articles, helpful videos and operating manuals that are available 24/7 from your mobile device or desktop. We are constantly building upon our extensive knowledge-base, adding new tips and techniques, along with troubleshooting information. If you’re old-school, and prefer speaking with a human, our technical support team can be reached by telephone during business hours or by email daily for more information about all of our equipment and plumbing leak detection training options.

Additional information

Course Type

Full Course With Plumbers Kit ($ 4400), Basic Course Without Plumbers Kit ($1,800)