With regular email distribution to tens of thousands of active professionals, we deliver news, product information and new discoveries directly to their email with embedded video content, direct purchase links and contact information that alerts them to new and innovative products they’ll likely use daily in their field.

  • Swimming Pool Service and Repair Professionals
  • Plumbing Service and Repair Professionals
  • Irrigation Service and Repair Professionals
  • Industry Related Magazine and Online Editors
  • Supply Chain Buyers

Reaching the people who will use your product directly raises the awareness of your brand with a proven success rate and lower cost than magazine ads and classified postings. Not every professional reads the back pages of magazines where ads run, and when page after page of ads are presented to them, it just becomes white noise that gets easily overlooked. Everyone checks their emails daily.

With an email marketing campaign, you’ll receive:

  • A targeted distribution of your email to people who will benefit from knowing about your product or service.
  • Regional options to select buyers likely to shop for a product or service distributed from your location.
  • A globally distributed press release that points directly to your website and marketing links.
  • Press distribution to select magazine and website editors that focus on your specific field.
  • A secondary follow-up email to recipients that did not open the initial email.
  • A list of recipients with high count email opens, video views and link clicks.

Our email lists are verified weekly to ensure that your marketing is reaching active users with valid email addresses. Our response rate has proven successful in raising awareness of products and services in the pool, plumbing and irrigation industries with a worldwide reach that goes far beyond what magazine ads provide.

Learn more today by talking to us about how you can get in front of actual prospective buyers today.


In good faith, we will deliver news and information (marketing) about your company or product, by way of email, to a relevant list of recipients whom WE have already vetted as being industry related and having a valid email address. At the date of distribution, all recipients have checked as valid within the week previous.

Agreement of the terms in this service contract are to assume;

You will deliver to us, media, (logos, photos, video, promotional text) content and an expressed directive for the purpose of sending an email to us to assemble for review and approval prior to distributing to our list of email recipients.

We will create a standard “email marketing blast” campaign with information of your product/service with the intent of raising awareness and spurring interaction with, the availability of your product/service among the recipients of the email.

It is a requirement that we receive direct and valid contact and response information for the purpose of the email that represents your company. This is the information interested parties will respond to.

  • Your Name/Business Name
  • Product Name / Direct Sales location/web page (website link)
  • Direct Email for consumer response
  • Direct Telephone for consumer response
  • Website
  • Social media locations (if any)

It is best recommended that you do not alter the domain location of the above list after the distribution of the email, as consumers will click active links in the email to reach the above Internet / Digital locations and contact points.

We are responsible for:

Distributing an agreed upon email using the resources provided by you to the list of recipients as described above.

What we are not responsible for, or to be held liable for:

There is no guarantee that recipients of the email will open/read said email, respond positively to said email or will make purchases of products/services as a result of receiving and reading said email.

By distributing the agreed upon email to the described list of recipients, you hold us harmless in the consumer response or your corporate response to the approved email.

  • There is no guarantee sales will increase.
  • There is no guarantee that recipients will all respond positively to the email.
  • There is no guarantee recipients will request further interaction.
  • We are not responsible for how you respond to recipients of the email or how they react to your response.

By distributing the approved email, you are guaranteed that the email, it’s content and directive will be delivered to a valid and predetermined list of recipients who work within your designated industry and will likely have a personal interest in gaining knowledge of your product / service. It is thoroughly your responsibility to respond with the promises or guarantees stated in the email, as approved by you.

By selecting to purchase this package/service option, you are authorizing us to create an email for your final approval and to distribute said email to a vetted list of recipients, as described above, once you have approved the email, it’s content and design with a written acceptance of the appearance and your agreement of the terms as stated above.

Regardless of purchasing this service, emails will not be distributed without a written approval (by way of email) of the email design, content and agreement of terms as stated above.