When it comes to leak detection, it’s really simple … you can’t find a leak in a pipe when you don’t know where the pipe is. That’s why we created the PG-2 Pulse Generator. Locate buried water pipes with the PG-2 Pulse Generator.

Mapping and tracing lines means this, we know where the line starts, where it runs and where it’s buried. It might be under 2 feet of dirt, it might be under a concrete patio, a driveway or a sidewalk, but it’s down there and we need to know where. That’s where the PG-2 comes in, and it works seamlessly with our sub-surface listening equipment – or yours.

The PG-2 is a small device built with a technically specific series of check valves that create a hammer in the water inside of a pipe. When attached to an active water line, by way of a hose bib or a stand pipe, the PG-2 sends a clearly audible pulse up the line and radiates it through any active water line attached to that pipe. Like a heartbeat, the pulse can be heard from above ground when using listening equipment.

In LeakTronics leak detection kits, users will find the LT-1000 Amplifier. This is the heart of all Leaktronics listening equipment kits as it powers all LeakTronics listening devices. The Deck Plate, the Soil Probe, all LeakTronics hydrophones – if it listens, it listens using the phantom power fo the LT-1000 Amplifier.

LeakTronics Soil Probe gives users the ability to hear where sounds emanate from underground upwards of 6-8 feet and delivers that sound through the LT-1000 and the headphones the user is wearing. When the PG-2 sends it’s pulse through the fluid in a pipe, the pulsing heartbeat is located using the Soil Probe under soft surfaces, dirt, landscaping and even loose aggregate. For concrete, patios, slabs, floors and solid surfaces, users can employ the Deck Plate to achieve the same listening potentials.

When users listen, starting at the point where the PG-2 is connected to the line, they survey the area, listing left and right and marking where they hear the pulsing at it’s loudest point. This allows users to flag out where a pipe lays so listening for leaks is easy. Just follow the flagged out line when applying air and water in the line and the air will make a boiling sound at the leak. Locate the leak with extreme accuracy and precision and make repairs without unnecessary digging.

The PG-2 is available as a stand-alone device for users who already have listening equipment or it can be purchased with the Irrigation Kit, including an LT-10000 Amplifier and a Soil Probe for both accurate line locating and leak detecting in the same kit.

Locate Buried Water Pipes with the PG-2 Pulse Generator
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