$10,000 Leak Detection

In a recent feature of Turning Leak Detections into Repair Work, we re-visited a high end, and fairly new, swimming pool in Encino, CA.

As you might have seen in a previous episode, the pool had a small slot drain that didn’t allow us to get a camera or hydrophone into the drain to see or hear the leak. As a result, we had to cut a 12 inch section off the deck to get inside. In the end, this literally cost the home owner $10,000 for a leak detection.

This is a prime example of swimming pool engineers not doing a good job. It looks good at the start, but the reality is a host of other issues that surface in a short amount of time. Costly issues.

Check out the video to understand why pool builders can often make mistakes that cost the homeowner in the end. Visit http://www.leaktronics.com for more videos, equipment and training opportunities to start your own leak detection business today.